Redheaded woman with wings and medieval armour holding a swordIn this episode of Kickstarter tips, we cover the big mistake that even 3 of the largest projects lately ran into that could have wiped out their campaigns... and what you can do to avoid it. Then we look at Kickstarter's new Leanback mode, projects running chronically late and whether anyone cares, and the rise and rise of funding in Kickstarter's games category. Finally, we talk to Brom, a surreal, romatic, gothic horror fantasy artist whose work spans over 30 years, and whose campaign did nearly 2000% of their goal to raise over $235,000.

In the interview Brom talks about:

  • The courage to launch a very personal, subjective project
  • Using a Kickstarter campaign to promote a single physical product
  • Finding the right business partner to manufacture your product
  • Kickstarteting potential controversial material and ramembering your audience
  • Figuring out what your audience have in common to encourage sharing / virality
  • Using your strengths in your video to overcome your weaknesses
  • Including people in the creation of your project
  • Balancing exclusivity with price points
  • Attracting high tier backers
  • Dealing with darker subject matter on Kickstarter

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Mentioned in the Podcast:

Visual artist, Brom

Brom's mind boggling art website (make sure to check out his Kickstarter book pre-order)
Brom on Facebook
Brom's Kickstarter

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