• Kickstarter Vs Indiegogo: The Ultimate Guide + Free Fee Calculator

    You've been thinking about this for a long time and now you've finally decided. It's time to take the plunge and make it happen by raising the money with a crowdfunding campaign. It's an exciting idea because you've seen other people pull it off. Why not you? But then you have a lot of questions, too, and without answers your project is going nowhere. Where to start? How to get visitors to your campaign? But before any of that, there's one burning question that needs to be answered before the others for most people. Do you go with Kickstarter or Indiegogo?


  • A $50M Entrepreneurs Tip to Double Your Backers With No Extra Visitors [5 step guide]

    Two people holding glasses of champagne together

    Getting enough visitors to your project can be hard. This 4 step hack from a mentor who's generated over $50 million online, uses a well known direct marketing strategy almost no one in crowdfunding is using, to more than double the number of your backers. Are you doing this yet?


  • Indiegogo & Kickstarter Announce Surprise Merger Talks

    Indiestarter logo

    In a surprise announcement that sent shockwaves through the crowdfunding world, the two titans of crowdfunding have become one unstoppable 1200lb gorilla. Read on to discover the new world of crowdfunding...



  • The First Step to an Audience of Backers (in only 6 Minutes)

    A clapperboard with the kickstarter logo on topThe first step to any crowdfunding campaign is to build an audience who will actually back you. Unfortunately, most people mistake where they should start doing this, or waste huge amounts of time and money unnecessarily. We're going to show you how you can start building your audience in the next few minutes, for far less than you probably imagine.

  • Crowdfunding Resources on a Budget

    crowdfunding questionsStarting out a campaign on a budget? Here are the most pocket friendly tools and resources we've found, many of them free.

  • Q & A: Music publicity, Inspiring Personal Campaigns & Dangers of Flex Funding

    crowdfunding questionsYou've got questions. Get some answers. We go through some of the most common questions we've received lately including tips for getting an unknown musician pledges, increasing connection and conversion on personal funding campaigns, and when flexible funding is the more dangerous option, as well as a special surprise if you're getting ready to launch at the moment.

  • 5 Project-Crushing Crowdfunding Campaign Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

    Plane flying over fireball smallAfter going through so many projects, it quickly becomes clear that there are patterns between the high funded projects do and the mistakes being made by other projects that send them down in flames. In this article we've listed 5 of the most common (and devastating) mistakes, with the best way to avoid or fix them and give your project a fighting chance.

  • The Art of Brom (and getting nearly 2000% funded on Kickstarter)

    Fantasy woman with wings, wearing an eagle skull helmetIn this episode of Kickstarter tips, we cover the big mistake that even 3 of the largest projects lately ran into that could have wiped out their campaigns... and what you can do to avoid it. Then we look at Kickstarter's new Leanback mode, projects running chronically late and whether anyone cares, and the rise and rise of funding in Kickstarter's games category. Finally, we talk to Brom, a surreal, romatic, gothic horror fantasy artist whose work spans over 30 years, and whose campaign did nearly 2000% of their goal to raise over $235,000.

  • What Kickstarter's Million Dollar+ Projects Have in Common

    Kickstarter's million dollar projects iconWant to know what Kickstarter's million dollar projects have in common, that you can learn from? We did the exclusive research for you and broke down every single Kickstarter project ever, into this easy to scan-at-a-glance infographic about the 14 projects that managed to pull in nearly 50 million dollars.

  • Numenera Kickstarter Project: When A Project Gets 20 x the Funding Goal

    Numenera Glave

    Numenera is a science fantasy role playing game with a focus on story over game mechanics. Their goal was to raise $20,000, but the project soon shot past that raising close to $400,000 (20 times their original goal). What did they do? Find out in this article interview!

  • Enter the Haggis - Funding $20,000 of DRM Free Music in Under 11 Hours

    Enter the Haggis Kickstarter Interview IconAfter funding their last album completely independently, Enter the Haggis turned to Kickstarter for their new album "The Modest Revolution". In under 11 hours, they exceeded their goal of $20,000 in funding and doubled it in the next 8 days. We talk to Brian Buchanan from Enter the Haggis about what it took, the future of music and how to run a kickstarter campaign.

  • Project Hilight: The Pon & Zi Kickstarter interview

    Pon and Zi Kickstarter InterviewPon and Zi is a Kickstarter project to take Jeff Thomas' regular single panel webcomic of the same name, and have it produced as a high quality art book.He broke his $10,000 funding goal in only nine days, going on to be funded more than 300%.

  • 7 Methods to Get Over a Mid-campaign Slump on Kickstarter

    Roadsign that says "The Trough", "The Slump", the "Mid-project Lull"... whatever you want to call it, it's a well known and acknowledged by Kickstarter, that most projects start and end strong, but often die in the middle. Here's 7 ways to break out of the rut.

  • Cheap / Free Resources for Making Kickstarter Campaign Videos

    A clapperboard with the kickstarter logo on topWe'll let you in on a secret. Some of the pro videos you see, that people charge tens of thousands of dollars for, can be done for free. Or very close to free. We will show you how with resources that will help you with the visuals, sountracks, and even the software to put it all together.

  • Kickstarter Vs IndieGoGo: Choosing Your Crowdfunding Platform

    Logos of both companies with a question mark in betweenThere are key differences between the two platforms, that make each uniquely qualified for specific situations and types of projects. Make sure you are considering the right platform by learning more.

  • How to Choose the Right Funding Goal on

    A plus sign and a dollar signChoose a goal too low, and you might not have enough to really do your project well. Choose one too high and you might not get any money at all given Kickstarters all or nothing funding. Here are 6 important steps you must work through to help you decide on the right amount to ask for.

  • 7 Secrets of the Highest Funded Kickstarter Campaign EVER (the Pebble ePaper Watch)

    Pebble ePaper WatchAn important step before launching your Kickstarter campaign is to study successful projects and learn everything you can from them. At this point the Pebble ePaper Watch has raised more money than any other project on Kickstarter. They obviously did something right! We will share seven of the most important things they did.

  • Offsiting: Is Expanding Your Kickstarter Campaign Off Kickstarter Ever Legitimate?

    Green arrow pointing to the rightOffsiting is defined as running part of your Kickstarter campaign off Why would anyone do this? And is it allowed? Find out!

  • How Successful Kickstarter Campaign Videos Are Made

    A simple solution to filming your kickstarter project videoDid you know there is a simple formula for making videos? You don't need to be an expert, but getting advice from one will help you create a video with high impact to kickstart your project.

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