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Once, far back in time in Japan, the powerful of the time ruled the countryside by the sheer brute force and massive resources that the royal family threw into the military of the time, the Samurai. The Samurai allowed them to centralize power in the region so that none could challenge them and dominate the people and bend them to their will.
Then the winds of change began to blow.
The people learned to fight back, not by beating the samurai at their own game, but by developing a new way of fighting. Using stealth instead of brute force, agility instead of heavy weaponry and skill instead of money, the ninja was born. Ninjas were ordinary village people from every village, making their power decentralized. They were difficult to crush as there was no single leader. They were able to fight back against opponents much larger and better equipped, as their opponents never saw them coming. What they lacked in resources, they made up for in being light, swift and agile.

Cue Today...

Today we have seen big business manage to crush creativity and diversity in our culture, creating monopolies of power over the people.They use their vast established brands, lawyers, lobbying and distribution channels to crush their competitors. All of these were created by the vast wealth they were able to amass by centralizing our culture's purchases into only a very limited number of options, all of which they controlled. For a long time people assumed that they simply couldn't be beaten.

Once more, the winds of change are blowing...

Much like the agile, smaller, swifter ninja, crowdfunding is allowing individuals from the people, who would have had no hope before, to be supported by the people. This is moving the funding away from the huge business monoliths, to the actual products and art that we, the people, want. By decentralizing the money, crowdfunding is breaking apart the power base that has let huge companies decide what films we could see, what tech gadgets we could use, what ideas we could be introduced to and ultimately, what culture we could live in.
Now, anyone who has an idea that enough people are willing to support, can make it happen. We have the power to remake our culture into one where we see films that inspire us, use technology that amazes us, play games that speak to our passions and loves, and ultimately craft a culture that brings us all more joy, fun, happiness, and meaning.
And just as the ninjas grew from the Ninjitsu Dojos of Japan, so is this movement growing here in the Crowdfunding Dojo. This is our mission, that we invite you fellow crowdfunding ninja, to become part of.

And who am I to be sensei of this dojo?

My name is Piers Duruz. Like many of you, I do not come from the traditional halls of power. I come from a highly eclectic background of entrepreneurialism and the arts. I have a degree in fine art and a Masters in 3D animation (used in the film and video game industries). This connected me through to advertising and eventually marketing, where I got a passion for lifestyle entrepreneurialism and marketing. I ended up helping to promote both Tony Robbins (whom one of my businesses once personally catered for) and Robert Kiyosaki (12 time New York Times best seller, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad). Along the way I founded a natural foods company that became the leader in it's industry nationally within a few years.
Oh yeah, during this journey, I was quoted /featured by The New York Times,  CNN and Forbes among others on the topic of crowdfunding marketing.

And Why Crowdfunding, Exactly?

With the birth of my first child and a move across the other side of the world though, I realised the seismic change that crowdfunding is bringing the moment I laid eyes on it, not long after Kickstarter was founded. It was obvious that it could change the world, but was being held back by average people not knowing how to raise interest in their projects. After all, most of us, strangely, are taught multiplication tables in school, but not marketing. Smart, creative people were missing out on funding. People like inventors, artists, game makers, singers and activists. They just needed someone who understood both technology, the arts and marketing.
Damn. I guess that's me.
So now, after setting up the first crowdfunding marketing site on the Internet, and being interviewed by The New York Times, CNN and Forbes among others, here we are. No vague, generic "tips". No 18 year olds repeating what they've read somewhere else. Just straight marketing advice from a serial entrepreneur, well versed in the arts with years of experience in crowdfunding...
...who wants to see you succeed (and take down some samurais along the way...)

Now, what I'd love to know is how I can help you?

Do you have an individual project you need help with? Feel free to use the contact form to get in touch. Would you like to learn to do it yourself? Check out any of the articles here on this site. Do you have a problem really stumping you? Let me know! If enough people are experiencing something similar, I'd love to create the most detailed, actionable, step by step guide to get you through it anywhere.
Oh, and while you're here, I highly recommend you access "the treasurechest", our section of free tools to get you funded. It's available just by clicking on the banner below and joining us for (spam free) updates on the latest guides, tools and crowdfunding news around. We keep the emails low so you get only the good stuff.
See you there!

Piers Duruz


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