Best Exercises

4 Best Exercises you are looking for

Best Exercises
Best Exercises

Tai Chi

This Chinese martial art that combines movement and relaxation is good for both body and mind. This is called the “meditation movement.” Tai Chi is a series of graceful movements, one that moves easily to the next place. Because classes are offered at different levels, tai chi is accessible – and valuable – for people of all ages and fitness levels. “It’s especially good for the elderly because balance is an important part of fitness, and balance is something we lose as we get older,” says Dr. Lee. Take classes to help you get started and learn the proper form. You can find Tai Chi programs at your local YMCA, health club, community center, or senior center.

Kegel Exercises

These exercises don’t help you look better, but they do something just as important – strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that support the bladder. Strong pelvic floor muscles can go a long way in preventing instability. Although many women are familiar with these, men can also benefit from these exercises.

To do the Kegel exercise properly, you will use it to prevent yourself from passing urine or gas. Pause the contraction for two or three seconds, then release. Make sure your pelvic floor muscles relax completely after the contraction. Repeat 10 times. Try four to five sets a day.

We consider a lot of things like exercise to have fun (and work). Lubricating the yard is based on physical activity. Ballroom dances and plays with your children or grandchildren. As long as you are doing some kind of aerobic exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, and you include strength training two days a week, you can consider yourself a “dynamic” person.

Strength Training

If you believe strength training is a fun activity, think again. Lifting light weights will not maximize your muscles, but it will keep them strong. “If you don’t use the muscles, they will lose their strength over time,” says Dr. Lee.

It also helps the muscles burn calories. “The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, so it’s easier to maintain your weight,” says Dr. Lee. Like other exercises, strength training can help preserve brain function in later years.

Be sure to learn the proper form before starting a weight training program. Start light with just a pound or two. You should be able to lift 10 pounds easily. After a few weeks, add a pound or two. If you can easily lift weights more than 12 times throughout the movement through, move to a slightly heavier weight.


You can call swimming perfect exercise. The increase in water supports your body and stretches the painful joints so that you can move them faster. “Swimming is good for people with arthritis because it helps them lose weight,” explains Dr. Iman Lee, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. Research has shown that swimming can also improve your mental state and put you in a better mood. Watt aerobics is another option. These classes help you burn calories and help.


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